Give & Share

„Give & Share“ is both an attitude and an institution that emboides this attitude.
The basic idea of Give & Share is: whoever has something to give, gives, without expecting direct compensation. One gives because one participates and carries this attitude forwards. Anyone who helps to pass on the idea of Give & Share invests in the future of humanity through education.

The institution „Give & Share“ is intended to be an enabling platform for the OPENschool network. OPENschools educate designers of the future who bring added value to the world. „Give & Share“ will be a self-governing, stand-alone organization (or meta-organization) that distributes resources and connects networks of schools and alumni with the foundation, other institutions and businesses. For takers, it should serve as a marketplace for offers; for givers, it makes transparent what happens to the resources put into it.

Takers must be part of the OPENschool network. What they take out may only be used to facilitate projects and not for personal gain.

Givers add value into the system and carry the Give & Share idea out into the world to inspire others to do likewise. One can be a giver in three ways:

  • Through financial contributions to the foundation’s fixed assets, the interest of which can be distributed to projects in the OPENschool network.
  • By bringing in resources: direct sponsorship of individual projects, workforce, and know-how.
  • Through donations in kind, and goods that are made available to an OPENschool either permanently or for the duration of a project.

The schools in the OPENschool network are givers and takers at the same time. They use the resources they and others have put in, but they also make their know-how available, for example by creating and publishing materials and carrying out projects that provide an immediate added value for the school’s surroundings, the environment and the cooperation partners.

Translated by Eren Saglam (OPENschool student)

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